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Shaft change on a long putter

Rick D

Last year I played a 52" Cameron putter. I went to the long stick because of back problems that make practicing putting painful. The more upright posture helped. I'm wondering if it's possible to reshaft this club to a counter balanced 39" shaft, which I would grip down on, leaving 2-3" sticking up above my hands? Would this be a reasonable move, or create a putter with head too heavy for the length of shaft?

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  1. Ken W

    Rick, You may not have to reshaft the putter. Reshafting many of the long putters is oftentimes something only Titleist can do since the shaft has a bend that is designed only for that head. It depends on the model. Having been a master clubmaker, I'm just starting to look into the new generation of counter-balanced, non-anchored putters and how they're generally put together. Obviously with anchoring having been banned and big name players using them, interest and demand is only going to increase. Many players are going to want to take their trusted standard length putters and have them lengthened or cut down a belly or long putter. This may be a solution for you.

    Balance and headweight often comes down to a player's personal preference. If your Cameron was originally a long putter, the headweight should be a nice starting point since you're going to counterbalance it. I've done a lot of backweighting and one of the original companies to develop a great system is Balance Certified Golf. They already have a versatile weighting system designed for what you're working on. Check out their website and contact them via phone or e-mail. Many of those guys have been working on this stuff for 15+ years.


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