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stolen clubs

clayton t

well after playing this morning i stopped by store while i was inside my bag was stolen my beautiful ap2 710s and my 910 s gon e :( guess my game on hold for while being on fixed income

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  1. 19hole

    You should check,  this may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. 

  2. Ron M.

    Sorry to here that....I had my scotty stolen at the course...If you need some clubs to play with I have some extra that I can ship to u...Not Titleist but useable....

  3. AJAR

    I'm really sorry to hear that Clayton T.

  4. Don O

    Just terrible.

    And the worst case is using Titleist clubs.  They retain value better than sets that have yearly (...or more) updates.  That then makes them better targets.  I used to feel a little sheepish dragging clubs into a hotel room, but have concluded it is better to have them with me than a target in a parking lot.  ....My wife wants to know why they travel with me more than she does....

    The last cruel piece of this is that sets are not easy to come by, and used Titleist sets will cost more than many that are 2 model years out and still in the box brand new.

    Hope you can piece yourself back again before too long.  One option is to figure which clubs you dont really need.  I know that Lou on this list often plays with 10-11 clubs, and it would be easier to carry.

  5. Bill L

    I hope you had your serial numbers recorded.

  6. Greg P

    Bill L

    I hope you had your serial numbers recorded.

    That's a good idea.  I have photos of my clubs with serial nos.  That way if anything happens, I can identify them.

    You might want to put the word out to local golf stores to be on the lookout.   Also keep your eye onCraigslist and ebay. 

  7. Michael H

    SUX. I couldn't imagine my clubs being stolen; not because they are my most valueable possession but because they bring me the most joy.

    Ron M., that is an awesome jesture.

  8. James B

    You can make a claim with your insurance company. This happened to me once and my insurance paid it a personal property claim. Did you make a police report ? Also ,making a police report will help is someone shows up at a pawn shop with them. The insurance would apply your deductible and that is the bad part :-(

  9. Mike C

    Sorry to hear about your clubs, Clayton :(

    That is awful.  Hope you can get back up and swinging again soon.

  10. Sean FN

    That's awful. As others have suggested, call your insurance company and see if the theft is covered. I hope it is. Good luck!

  11. Bryan L

    sorry to hear that Clayton,  Hope you get some replacements soon.  As far as insurance goes I would advise everyone to make sure they have a rider to their policy especially for your golf clubs. (listing each club).  Having the rider you can set it at no deductible and get full replacement value to get new ones.  If you don't do the rider you will have to pay your deductible first which is usually $500 or $1000 dollars.  

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