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Hybrid or 5 Wood

Tino R

Ok I am severely stumped here, let me lay this out and see what you can help me with.

I am on average a long hitter (320-350 total with Driver10.5 loft) I currently carry and 909 3Wood 13.5 loft and then jump to a strong 909H at 15 then to a 4 iron 712CB at 25 degree loft.....

should i can the hybrid and get a new 5 wood around 17 degree of loft???? need input

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  1. Monty m

    Not being an expert, I have to rely on common sehse, and to me take the hybrid to a store or somewhere where you can try the 5 wood alongside the hybrid and see which one fits you the best. Just a thought.


  2. Don O

    It's all about the distance gap and the wedges you carry.  Assuming 4-9 + PW + SW, Driver, putter, and the FW/H, that's 12 clubs.  If you carry/need a GW and a LW, then you'll need to space out your 2 hybrids from driver to 4I.  Or, carry 3 wedges and add something like a 20 degree Fd/Hd.  Or one of the U clubs at 19 degrees.  ...Too many choices once we moved past clubs named mashie...

    Do you get enough distance gap from the 10.5 degree to warrent the both 13.5 and 15?  Phil didn't even carry a driver at the Open but carried 5 wedges.  He can afford to shuffle his bag for the course.  Other pros will carry a PW, SW and LW about 6 degrees apart in order to use more long distance lumber.  Worth looking at your distances to decide how to fill the space with a good fitter.

  3. Sandro Z

    It depends what you think is easier to play for you. In my bag i have a 9.5 driver, a 15 and 19 ° wood and a 21° hybrid. 'd say you should try a 19° hybrid and wood. Its nothing wrong if you buy one of those. Just check wich makes you feel more comfortable.

    Kind regards, hope it helps

  4. Daniel Rimmelzwaan

    I'd say that depends on your distance gaps and whether you are happy with that. If you are happy with the distances think about the type of shots you can play with your current setup and whether you would expand on your repertoire by making a change. I go from driver to 15* 910F to 19* 910H to 710 AP1 4 iron, and I am happy with my gaps at the moment. Mostly because I am not good enough (yet) to hit my F from the grass, so I can see myself making a change once I figure that part out.

    For me I think I would decide to make a change once I feel I am missing a club, or when I feel I need to be able to make a certain shot at a certain distance. Not because I am 'supposed to carry two woods'.

  5. Mike C

    It really depends upon your distance gaps at the top end.  You go from 25 degrees on your 4-iron to 15 degrees in your hybrid which is a pretty large gap.  If you are hitting your driver 320-350 I am assuming your 4-iron is well over 200 yards.  If you are able to reach all of your second shots with the 4-iron or less (with the exception of the par 5's) then your setup seems to make sense as you are looking for more distance on the longer clubs to either use off the tee when you don't need as much distance or for reaching par 5's of varying length with more accuracy in two shots.  Also, if you can adjust your swing to take a little off the hybrid to bring the distance down your seup may cover the spectrum as well.

    At the end of the day, it depends on what shots you regularly need to make and how your bag sets up for those shots.  I have several different lofts on my hybrids that I tend to alternate into my bag based on the course I am playing and how I will be using the clubs (i.e., I generally only play with one hybrid in the bag, but it can change; also, depending on the course, I may substitute two hybrids and leave my 3-wood out of the bag).  All that really matters is that you have the right clubs in your bag to hit the distances you need to hit for a particular round.

  6. Lou G

    Something like a 17F and 21f/h are a good combo that allows for 4 wedges.  You may lose 5-7 yd with a 17f vs 15f but the former is easier to hit off the deck.

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