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Vokey Wedge Groove Duration

Duncan G

I've had my latest set of Vokey's for 2.5 years.  How long do the grooves last for before they start effecting performance?

Should I sharpen the grooves or buy new wedges?!

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  1. Keano26

    How does the surface roughness (milling) look on your wedges? My old 52*08* has virtually no milling left on the club face. It's all worn smooth. I've had it a little over a year, but have probably hit close to 1000 shots with it. The grooves, however, are still in decent shape. I still get good spin with it. I tend to get way more spin with my SW and LW, but the ball drops and stops on a dime with the old wedge. I attribute the fact that my 52's grooves are still sharp because of the following:

    1. I clean and wipe the grooves after EVERY single shot.

    2. I stay away from hitting cheap balls with them. I don't know if it's a myth, but from what I hear and experience, cheap range balls and T Flights are so hard they can affect the milling/grooves

    3. Tender loving care. I am constantly cleaning/polishing my wedges (and irons for that matter).

    I know that WedgeWorks offers a refurbishing program for your wedges, but I'm not sure if they re-sharpen grooves.

  2. Mike C

    It really depends how much you use each individual wedge.  For example, I just put a new TVD 60 degree SM4 wedge into play this spring.  I hit pretty much any shot from 100 yards and in with this wedge unless I have to flight it low.  I also practice with this wedge quite a bit considering the use it receives on the course.  After just a few months, the face is already very worn where the ball makes contact with the face but the grooves still catch the ball and you are able to spin the ball.  The remainder of the face looks pretty much like new.  I will replace this wedge again in the spring.

    Conversely, I still have a TVD 56 (bent to 55) that I have in my bag with the "old" pre- SM4 grooves.  I don't use this club as frequently as it is not generally used around the green on my scoring shots (more in line with the frequency of use of the remaining irons in my bag than the 60 degree use which is higher than most people).  Hitting less shots means the grooves tend to last longer and the older club is still effective.

    I also tend to keep my clubs very clean.  I clean the irons after every shot and make sure there is no dirt, etc. in the grooves to ensure the best performance out of the club.  The only time I don't do this is when I am practicing and hit alot of shots back to back with the club in the practice area.

    The bottom line is when you need to replace the club will be based on how much you use the club and how you use the club.  When you begin to see performance issues wit the club and when you are not gettng the spin you are used to seeing, it is probably time to replace the club.  Think of replacing the club as something to look forward to because it gives you a chance to go to the Vokey wedgeworks site and design a new wedge just the way you like it!

  3. 19hole

    My experience is that I normally need to replace my wedges twice a year. I do play almost every day from April to December and practice almost every day with them. I only use ProV1x practice balls when working with my wedges.

    You can't "re-sharpen" the grooves on a wedge, that would be in violation of the Rules of Golf. After 2.5 years it is time to invest in a new wedge. That is pretty good life for a wedge for an active player.

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