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Titleist 712 MB Irons - Suggestions

Norris B

Dear Titleist,

I am currently playing your 712 MB irons, and before that I played your 680 MB irons; so you can see I love your clubs, but would like to see future models with a few modifications (or custom options). Since your MB irons are for the lower handicap golfer, I would like to see the swing weight increased to D3 or D4, and the lofts stronger by 2 - 3 degrees. Your current models are fine but I have to add so much lead tape to them in order to feel the head of the club. And if I order them 2 degrees stronger from your custom department, the leading edge and bounce on the club will be altered, causing the leading edge to dig into the turf.

I understand that the lighter the club, the more swing speed you can generate; but the better golfer, who this line is designed for, isn't necessarily looking for more distance, but accuracy and timing which is derived from being able to feel the clubhead throughout the swing. They are also looking for trajectory control, which can be accomplished by making the lofts stronger. cally did this with their X Hot Pro irons and I probably hit them 8 - 10 yards farther than my current irons. I'm not looking to change clubs, I love the classic look of the Titleist MB line; and have hit blades all of my life. Anything else looks quite complicated.

In summary, there are multiple options out there for high handicappers; I just wish that your MB line was truly designed for the low handicap golfer. Give us some options too.

You could add some heavier weights to the weighting system inserts for your 913D driver as well.



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  1. Richard C


    I have a suggestion to address the swingweight issue:

    Why not have your clubs built 1/4' over-length?  This will add 1.5 swingweights bringing the standard swingweight of D2 to D3.5.  This will also make the "effective lie angle" a half a degree more upright.  You may not be able to notice the difference, but if you do, this can be easily corrected by bending the lie angle a half a degree flat.  If you do not want to increase the length, you could also experiment with heavier shafts.  For instance, if you currently use an S300, you could try an S400 which is 2 grams heavier.  This will probably result in only a half a swingweight increase, however, because the total weight of the club will be increased, it may give you a more desireable feel.


  2. Samuel C

    That's great that you love the MB line, as I do also. I'm excited for the 714 line to come out and I'm going to order a combo set. 

    But can't you take your irons to a club fitter and get them to the desired swing weight that you want? Or as someone else mentioned, order a heavier shaft?  When you order your irons, can you do a custom order and ask Titleist to get your irons to a specific swing weight? Or maybe go to a tour van fitting and they can surely build them there for you the way you wanted.

    But in your post you mentioned that you hit the cally X Hot Pro irons about 8-10 yards further, but you are comparing a totally different club in the cally line to the MBs. Since the X Hot Pros are a bigger head and have a lighter shaft, they will most likely give you some more yards. The X Hot Pros have a lighter shaft also, so this will create more speed and give you more distance.

    Why would you want to add weights to the irons, like TM MBs? A majority of golfers out there hardly use MBs as it is and having weights would confuse them even more. Most people don't even adjust their drivers that are adjustable. 


  3. Matt B

    Why just not custom order them the way you like. It seems all manufacturers are willing build their clubs to whatever specs they are given. I know I'm getting older, however I prefer playing the D2 swing weight as it doesn't cause the fatigue towards the end of the round.

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