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Clicking noise with drive

matt k

I have the 913D3 and recently I've noticed that if I put weight on the shaft (i.e. using it as a crutch to pick up a tee, etc) that there is a light "click". The head is tight on the shaft. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I haven't noticed any effect on play, but wondering if it is something of concern.

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  1. Norris

    Did you use your wrench to check the tightness of the head on the shaft? It may feel tight enough by just feeling the tightness by hand, but it could be slightly loose under stress. Be sure to use your wrench to check tightness of the head.

  2. Mark K

    I hear the same clicking noise.

  3. 19hole

    The head is no doubt loose on the shaft. Even if it feels tight, it probably isn't. Grab the wrench and tighten the shaft and this should stop.

  4. Christian G

    I hate to even mention it, but make sure you didn't cross thread the screw.  It's really easy to do if you don't get it started at the proper angle.  If you didn't hear the torque "click" sound, then it's no fully seated and is definitely lose.  

  5. matt k

    You guys were right, it just needed to be tightened more. I never adjusted or played with it from the factory, so I assumed it was tight, it also felt as if it was too. Just a bit of torque with the tool and it went away. I hope that its not something I have to repeat more and more often as my driver gets more use.

  6. Mike C

    Every once in a while (every 3-4 months or so, when I am on the range and think about it) I take the Titleist torque wrench and make sure the screws are seated to the proper torque specs on my driver and 3-wood.  Sure enough, when I do this there is generally just a little bit of movement tightining the serew before you hear the "click" from the torque wrench.  Given the amount we use these clubs, they can work slightly loose.  Never had a noticable looseness or an impact on my game from this but do it more from a preventative perspective than anything else.  Call it overkill, but the last thing I want is a loose clubhead on an important swing.

  7. Norris

    That's a good idea Mike. With the ratcheting torque wrench you can't over tighten the screw, so why not just check it every so often by tightening it down. Only takes a second, and then you know it stays tight.

  8. Norris

    Matt; When you swing your driver at 80,90,100 mph and the club head hits the ball, that puts a lot of stress on that one little screw, so it just stands to reason that the screw will work loose over time, it's not anything that will get worse the more you use your driver as long as you check it periodically. (say every 8-10 rounds) Just be sure to use your wrench, so you don't over tighten it. I would think that if you play with it loose for a long period, there would be a chance that it won't stay tight, so keep a check on it, then fire away. 

  9. Brent W

    I hear the same thing. It sounds like I hit the tee in my follow thru and then bend over to pick up my tee and "click".

    The head is on tight so there may be something to it. I do not believe it has any impact on playability  though.

  10. 19hole

    I tighten mine (driver, 3w, 5w hybrid) every week. It only takes a minute or two while you wait on the first tee.

  11. Kevin G

    Sometimes my head comes loose like that from just the swing speed. It would happen in the follow through when the club would come to my finish position and click. At first I thought I was making contact with the tee that would pop straight up out of the ground and catching it on the wrap around. Thanks for reminding me, I'm going to tighten it right now!

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