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910 price drop?

Samuel G

I recently purchased a 913 d2 driver and I love it.  I am really tempted to get the 3-wood, but I didn't know if the 910 was going to have a price drop in the near future.   I notice that titleist is one of the few companies that doesn't immediately drop the prices of the previous model after the new models come out.  If anyone knows, let me know.   


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  1. Christopher K

    I got my 910 D3 brand new immediately after the 913's came out and got a $100 discount off of the original retail price.  A couple of month's later my buddy's dad got his from a local pro shop at a $200 discount.  Same is true for the prices on the fairway woods and hybrids.  I bought a 910h last month, also at a $100 discount.

  2. Joseph C

    I would look around the used clubs websites. New Titleists do not drop very quickly may take more time. I found a 910 d2 in excellent condition for $147. If you buy them slightly used you generally save a huge buck. just like buying a car.

  3. Blair M

    I believe that the prices on 910's have already dropped.  Try looking at some of the large golf stores like Golfsmith and see what you find.  Good luck!

  4. Don O

    The CC's can jump in if incorrect, but the 910's should be down to stock available on hand at shops.  So, shaft selection is pretty much what you see is what you can get.  To get fitted and order to your specifications, the shop should have to order a 913.  Unless they have that 910 in stock.  My local GG only has 913s in stock.  The franshise golf shop in town has a supply - if you're RH.

    Unlike others that issue new lines every year or more often, there isn't the big Titleist-sponsored sales promotion starting 4 weeks before the new announcement and a subsequent drop on the new release.  There may be some online deals for new 910 clubs but let the buyer beware - forgeries are always possible if the site can't be confirmed as attached to a brick and mortar shop.  Same applies to used clubs, although I've been lucky to date on authentic clubs.

  5. Norris

    Don; I've had the same worry lately about forgeries. Last week I saw a new 913D2 driver on the main online auction site that had the head and shaft that I have been interested in. I put in a ridiculously low bid thinking I wouldn't get it, but low and behold I got it. I called Titleist, but understandably they couldn't guaranty it to be authentic. it was still in plastic and Titleist box, and everything looked good and just like my 910D2 so I'll just believe it's real just to ease my mind. Only thing different from my 910 was My 910 came with a real nice zippered pouch to keep my wrench and booklet in, and the 913 only came with a plastic bag. Can you or any other members tell me if Titleist discontinued the zippered pouch with the 913's? That pouch is really nice. It has a latch for hooking on my bag or just put inside. Wish the 913 had it, but I'll keep the one that came with my 910.      

  6. Samuel G


    I'm almost positive that titleist discontinued the black pouch.  My wrench and booklet came in a plastic bag as well.

  7. Norris

    Thanks for letting me know Samuel.

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