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Clubs for mid hdcp with high ball speed

Nick B

I'm a mid hdcp but a good ball striker and high ball and club head speed, I hit the ball very high and am currently using miz mp58s. I like the way my irons play, but they're getting beat up and I would like to get a set of titleist mb, cb, or ap2.. I love the look of bladed irons, and the ball flight (lower) but i like the forgiveness of the ap2's (but the flight is very high). Any recommendations? 

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  1. fred k


    i'm going to sound like a lot of folks on this board, but set up an appointment at your local fitter.  as far as i see, you could go 2 ways:

    1) go with the cb's for the blade look with some forgiveness and get fitted for a proper shaft, maybe like a kbs tour or tour90, dgs lite, etc.

    2) if you're really zero'd in on the ap2s, my best guess is that you should go with dynamic gold shafts.  if you can handle the weight of the shaft, it should lower your ball flight. 

    good luck!


  2. Mike C

    Fred gave you the keys to the kingdom on this... to go get fit by a certified Titleist fitter to ensure you get into the correct setup for your swing.

    For what it is worth, I tried all types of permutations trying to get a clean look of the iron, forgiveness on mis-hits and to lower my ball flight.  I have a higher swing speed as well and am a decent ball striker, but I personally liked the forgiveness of the AP2s over the CB and MB irons.  In order to keep the ball flight down on the AP2s I have a Dynamic Gold X100 shaft in them.  This is a heavy shaft, but if you have the swing speed it will keep the ball down a little more and give you control and the weight should not be an issue.

    It's great to get feedback from the gorup here and get some ideas but I would definately see what the professional fitter has to say after evaluating your swing.  Let us know how things work out.

  3. PK


    I play the MP58's as well and I had the same problem. I hit the ball very High. My driver is tipped 3/4" in order to bring my spin and launch down. I am using Project X PXi. It is a lower launching shaft with a stiffer tip to help stabilize the club. 

    Shaft selection is key in terms of controlling your launch and spin. You can get AP's with the S300 shafts, but you will still hit it high unless you replace the shaft with a higher kicking shaft to lower the ball flight. 

    I tried the S400, Project X rifle, KBS tour, and the S300 before I chose the PXi's. You just have to go out and get fitted in order to get the most out of your clubs.

  4. Nick B

    Yes, thanks, i currently use s300's and they are 130g. How much do thr pxi's weigh? And would they be an upcharge?

  5. PK

    PXi 6.0 weights 112g and yes, they will be an upcharge. If you go to any decent fitter/clubmaker they should get you within 1 swing weight of the club even with the difference in weight of the shaft. 

  6. Kenneth Y



    I may be out of your league at age 70 and a 15 hcp. and high ball speed. I have the AP1, stock stiff graphite shaft, flat, 1 inch +.


    I went from png K15 which were easy to hit but too much bounce and offset.


    The AP1s are great.  Less bounce, great look and easy to hit. Went with the AP1 as I hit them more better more consistently than the AP2 which tested.  Tested both with a great fitter out doors.

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