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Stolen Golf Club

Joshua S

I play the Titleist AP2 712 and my pitching wedge was recently stolen...does Titleist do anything as far as repacing stolen clubs?

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  1. 808HACKER

    I'm sorry for your loss...I always get nervous when I'm by myself and I have to leave my "expensive" clubs outside the clubhouse to check in.  Golf courses should have their check in counters separate from their golf store, so players can bring in their clubs with them (carrying or riding).   If you pulling pr pushing a cart, well they should build a drive thru to check in....LOL!! Maybe someday someone will invent a golf bag rack that you can lock your golf bag  or golf bag and push cart with a four digit combo and once it's opened the old combo can be erased with a new number.

    How was it stolen? Did someone take it out of your bag on the course? or was this at your home.  I doubt Titleist can do anything.  Were they custom orders with serial numbers on all your clubs...maybe keep an eye out Ebay for people selling AP2 712 PW's.

  2. Ken W

    Sorry about that. Almost everyone has lost or had a club stolen if you've been playing a while. Titleist can build you a replacement to the exact specs based on the rest of your set. Just take your 6 iron with the serial number engraved to any authorized Titleist dealer. You can also buy a Vokey wedge with 46 or 48 degrees of loft.

  3. David Browning

    You can order another PW. If they were custom clubs, you can give your Titleist rep the serial # off one of your clubs and that's all they'd need. 

    Sorry to hear about your club being stolen. That's why I NEVER let my clubs leave my sight. However, the club's pretty trustworthy. Stuff like this doesn't happen. 

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