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714 AP2


I have seen Michael Breed on the golf channel using these and have been tested on the tour since the Travelers (I think).  When are these going to be made for the public??

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  1. JMC2

    I hope we get a chance to demo the 714 against the 712 versions. I demo'ed the 712 AP2's and that is the club I want to replace my old cally's. The 714 generation will have to show me a lot to change my mind.....

  2. Brandon S

    Probably in November.  Same probably as what they did with the 913 drivers.  right around november 1-11

  3. Curtis S

    From what I understand sometime in November .


    Mid November. 

  5. 19hole

    Middle to the end of November...

  6. David B


    Middle to the end of November...

    Can't wait. Ready to trade my old ap2's in. They have served me well as I know the 714 version will as well.

  7. Chuck Z

    I am standing by with my golf debit card waiting for the release of the 714s....I plan on purchasing a combination set of AP1 (4,5,6) and AP2 (7,8,9,P)....I purchased a set of AP2 silverbacks in May 2013 to I see how, at my age 67, I would adapt to forged clubs...I have played Wilson Staff FG17 when I started in 1984, then png Eye Two, Tiltleist, cally X14, Wilson Staff CI9, and back to Titleist.......I was playing CI9 Wilson Staffs with seamless stiff shafts......I had my AP2s fitted one inch over in length and one degree up.....had the loft set at the lofts set on on 712 AP1s....strong.....this has worked for me....I still use my 4,5,6, irons from the Wilson set.....I tried the forged and those irons just did not work for me...but the 7,8,9,P were dead that is why I will purchasing a mixed set.....project X 5.5 stiff shafts.......they are really coming around and today I shot a career round and almost my age,....69  was a goal of mine....and I believe these clubs helped me achieve this.......I was shooting in the mid 80s prior to changing clubs and now I am shooting consistently in the upper makes a different......November cannot get here soon enough.......I have changed clubs often as well as brands........I tend to work on my game.......I do feel that this change has help me achieve a goal I would liked to have achieved earlier in my golf life......with this purchase, my bag will be 100% Titleist.....

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