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714 AP2

Henry T

I am 13 and play off an 8.5 handicap. I am a decent/good ball striker and looking to get into more of the players irons category. I wasnt thing about going straight to MBs from my game improvement irons that I have now, so I was thinking that the AP2s would fit my criteria perfectly. I still need a bit of help in my irons but I don't really like the super cranked lofts and lengths of some of the other manufacturers. I was wondering if anybody has any insight on the similarities between the 712 and 714 AP2s (i.e. looks, forgiveness, flight, spin, specs, etc.) or will I just have to wait until they are released in November (im not sure if thats accurate, thats just what I have heard).

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    There will be more 714 details coming out in the next several months after we introduce it to all the tours and our sales teams.  With the information you have given, it does sound like the AP2 irons might be just the ticket.  If you let us know where you are located, we can get you to a recommended fitter in your area that can help you select the best iron for your game.  Give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST (888-848-5347)

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