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Putter Finish

Bryan G

Hello all,

I was curious to know what finish everyone likes on the Scotty Camerons.  I've noticed that a lot of the Pros use the silver finish. When I go to my local PGA superstore, they always seem to have a lot of Black finishes in stock.  So I was just curious.


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  1. David Browning

    I prefer the black finishes that Scotty has. I have a TON of various Scottys. Some have different finishes. I like them, but I'd rather use one with a black finish when playing. 

  2. Joe R

    I have Scotty's in both finishes and like both, just play whatever one in the mood for that day... I do like the silver finish when thinking of customizing, they seem to look nicer when done...

  3. memphisunited

    I prefer the black/darker finishes, especially on sunny days.  The darker finishes reduce the glare on the putter head.  But, I have Camerons with lighter finishes too.  I like using them on cloudy or rainy days. 

  4. Derek M

    I like the black gun metal finish, I wish my Delmar was in this color. Maybe Scotty will make a new one in this color in 2014.

  5. tom b

    I play my Silver Scottys on slow greens and my Black Scottys on the fast greens. Not sure why - but it seems to work for me. Looking forward to trying the new creation Adam Scott is using.

  6. Justinu3

    I like them for different reasons.  You don't see silver (other than California line) in shops because the black putters are whats in the current stock offering.  The pros get all the good stuff, prototype finishes, stamping, head shapes etc.  

    I believe we'll be seeing silver Cameron putters in the near future... 

    I love the Black Selects and agree with Scott on the glare factor.  But I REALLY love the deep milled face.  Hope that continues at least for a little while!  

  7. Christian G

    I really like the black finishes.  I have a GoLo and there's no glare or distraction which is nice.  

  8. Norris

    Saw the new style Camron that Adam Scott uses in my local GC's pro shop today. First time I've seen it. Looks like something from outer space to me.

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