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Spin Milled C-C or SM4...whats the difference

Chris P Club Champion

Recently had my Spin Milled C-C 48* Vokey stolen and need to replace it.  Not having any luck finding the same club.  Is there any diffence I will find if I go to the SM4 model?


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  1. Cameron D


    The SM4 model will offer more spin (maximum conforming spin) due to the difference in the grooves.  The faces on the SM4 are also heat treated to provide more durable grooves.



  2. Lou G

    I had SM c-c 50-08, 54-11, 54-14, 58-04, 62-07 between early 2011- thru May 2012.  

    What I can say about the SM4 60-10 is that it actually stops the ball better than my SM c-c 62-07. 

    Sole profile-wise, the SM c-c 54-11 has more of a full sole vs the SM4 54-11.  Again, the latter stops the ball better.

    With the exception of the 48, 50,52,54-14. 56-14, 58-12 and 64-07, the SM4 wedges have a different sole profile vs the SM c-c. 

  3. Chris P

    Thanks...picked up a SM4 this morning.

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