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Titleist Forged 690 CB..


I know these are older irons, but beautiful...A friend gave me his irons with Rifle 5.5 shafts..

I would like to reshaft them to suit me, Age 70, Hdcp 6, swing speed 85 mph..Looking for a

shaft that will compliment these irons...Suggestions would very much appreciated...


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  1. Cameron D


    You could consider one of our current graphite options (Graphite Design 65i or Aldila VS Poto T-75) if you were looking to get away from steel.



  2. JIMM



    Thankyou for your quick reply, appreciated..


    I will look those up and check them out...


    forgot to mention I use the PRO V1, and have been for years...


    Jim Mallard


  3. Ken W

    Jim, I also just picked up a set of 690 CBs. They're beautiful as you say and a fantastic forging. Outside the graphite options Cameron listed, there are many steel shafts ranging in weight and price. The Dynalite Gold XP and GS 85 or 95 shafts by True Temper are fantastic. Still have great feel and save weight over the Dynamic Gold. There are more expensive options also with other manufacturers. With your handicap and swing speed, playing an R300 flex is probably close to optimal. That's also the softest flex the steel shafts are available in. However, if you would like them to play just a bit softer, they can be soft stepped i.e. installing the 4 iron shaft into the heavier 5 iron head etc. Great irons and a nice project!

  4. JIMM


    Thankyou for taking the time to help me out, much appreciated..

    I will look at the options you mentioned, I think they are available

    at Golfworks Canada...


    Play well, and tks vm again


    Jim Mallard



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