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Titleist MB 712 irons or Mp69


I need some feedback as to which irons offer more. I am an 8 handicap and decent ball striker. I have hit both and they are very similar in feel distance etc....I just need more opinions from someone who may have players both irons and can provide additional feedback. I am somewhat torn as I have been a titleist man on all previous equipment. Thoughts......

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  1. Justin

    If your an 8 handicap I would advise you to consider the CB model irons.

  2. Don O

    You hit both outdoors, or you were hitting off of a mat?  Since your handicap is way under 20, you really need to work with a fitter for the best experience, from both the technical numbers of the trackman and see how they carry.  Not sure what you are currently using, but you have an idea what fits your eye to start.  Being late August, you might want to wait to see what the 914s are all about.  Might give you a chance to try both on a chilly day to see if they still feel the same then.  No sense in rushing unless you have a serious problem with your current set.

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