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Tri Spec Graphite Shafts

Gene G

I have just turned 62, and want to lessen the impact play of my 962 DCI shift metal shafted clubs with a sweet set of Tri Spec Graphite shafts I just picked up. Anyone know the codes on the club and its labels?

Does anyone what is the manufacturer's 'green-red-green' stripe mean on the upper club/under grip label? Is this a "puring" locator?

Hope to hear from 'the team' before I refit the set...


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  1. Ken W

    Gene, The stripes on the butt end are just Aldila manufacturer codes for sorting. Puring as we know it did not exist in the mid '90s. If the shafts you have exactly match your set makeup, just install them. It's your preference as to logo on top or underneath. It doesn't matter from a performance standpoint. Nice little project.

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