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AP1 or AP2? Please help!

Raphael N

Hi im 14 years old and i have a 7 handicap, i play with TM r11 clubs and im looking forward to change to titleist clubs

My swing path is about square-square, I already tried the ap2 and i loved the feeling out of them, didnt missed one. The only problem is that it was only a 3 iron so i couldnt compare with my r11. Im mainly looking for distance since im not a long hitter (i hit it 730 yards carry with r11 7 iron) I play and practice everyday, about 8 hours per day on the course. My swing is in constant care, always looking to improve from anywhere. I want to remind that my main goal is Distance, my swing, without bragging, is near perfection. Please help me out with that please

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  1. Nate S

    HAHA thats a perfect attitude man. I'm Nate and I'm 15 I would say try the Ap2's b/c the difference in distance between the ap1's and the ap2's is like 1 yard ive played with them both.  How tall are you and btw if your still growing youll gain more distance last fall (I just turned fifteen a couple days ago) I only hit my 7 about 135 140 but now im in to the 170's so just keep practicing and I would even try the CB's cuz as you get bigger youll want more control as you get older and also the difference between the cb's and the ap1's is like 2 yards so its not gonna affect you really distance will come provided your swing stays near perfection. Friend me.

  2. Raphael N

    thanks for the reply, im 5'1 and i play from about 6500 yards.

    Finally in my "playoff" is the miz mp59,titleist ap2 and miz mp54

  3. Nate S

    if your considering the ap2s then i would say get them man.  I would encourage you to go to a more forged club but whatever feels good to you.  Im going ot be moving to an MB/CB combo set in about 3 months and i've been playing TM MC's for about two years. 

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