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titleist fairway woods

Raphael N

hi, im 14 and i have a 7 handicap, i have a square-square swing but i dont have alot of distance so for me the fairway wood is really important. I currently use burner superfast 2.0 and i love them! but looking to change for some titleist clubs. The only problem is that the 913F doesnt offers me the spin that i want, i usually attack straight at the pin and superfast rolls only 5-10 yards, but the 913 rolled off the green every time even with perfect feeling/shot. any help please?

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  1. Cameron D


    You may want to also consider a slightly higher loft.  This will help increase your spin and landing angle into the green.  Just make sure the increase loft doesn't increase the yardage gap with your long game. 



  2. JOHN B

    Cameron is right - I have a 909F 13* and it rolls too much.  My ego was bigger than my talent buying that club - wish I had a 18 or 21* loft...

  3. Lou G

    Recommendation to most out there is to consider a 17 fairway as the lowest lofted.   Much easier to hit off the deck vs 13.5 or 15. 

    In my mind, 19-21* fairway woods are the best.   5-10 yards less than a 17 fairway.  You can hit them off just about anything.  I found that I could hit an 18 fairway the same distance as a 15 plus straighter; consequently I've dropped the 3 wood from my lineup.  I've also been using a 13* driver for almost 3 years so there is no need to carry a 3 wood and I have developed a stinger shot for the 190-210 yard par 3s.

  4. Lou G

    TMs do have a rather high ball flight.  I've played Burner 2007 15,18 and 21 fairways (dropped the 3 wood because I hit the 18 just as far and also found only 5-7 yards difference between the 18 and the 21).    I briefly played Superfast 2.0 5-18.  I also have an old R580 7 wood (with R flex and a Golf Pride 25 grip; the swingweight is D6) that has a rather high ball flight and I hit it about the same total distance as my 910F 19* (which I have set at A3).   The 910F has a moderate trajectory (even with a flex).   I interchange between the R580 and the 910F (I have them pretty close in loft, lie angle and length).

  5. Raphael N

    well thanks for telling me but what you wrote is something that i know, i wrote my message before going on a simulator and finally the titleist rpm was quite of high but the shots werent high for a 15 degree loft, i finally decided to go with a covert tour, I had more control on my spin

  6. Raphael N

    sorry everyone i got something wrong, my TM roll only about 1-2 yards

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