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910 Weight ports

Paul D

What's the general rule of thumb, regarding spin rate, when changing the weight ports on 910, or 913 drivers and fairway woods?  I've currently got a 910D2 with a Project X 7B3.  The club plays to 44.5" (tipped down from 45.5")... I'd like to knock some spin off of my drives.  I've been playing with a 7g weight in the head, but today played with a 5g weight.  Spin seemed worse.  I put in a 9g weight this evening, and will give it a go tomorrow or Tuesday.  Thanks.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Paul,  The swingweight bezels do not affect ball flight and spin.  They are strictly for swingweight (how heavy or light the head feels).  If you are getting a different spin number, it is because the weight may be causing you to change your swing a bit.  In general, the spin is lower with lower lofts, stiffer tipped or heavier shafts.  The PX 6.5 shaft that you have has a stiff butt, so it feels stiff, but the tip is not as stiff.

  2. Paul D

    Wouldn't the change in weight effect the COG?, making it have more or less of a presence at MOI?  I'm no club design expert, but it would seem to me that if there's more weight in the back of the club the COG is effected in one way or another.

    You say the PX 7B3 has "not as stiff of a tip".  I have it tipped 1.5" from the spec'd 46" (per RoyalPrecision's website).... to play 44.5"... wouldn't that make it about as stiff of a tip as they come?  Frankly, I've never been too happy with the launch of the PX shafts.  Feel free to recommend something that performs better.

  3. Ken W

    Paul, Tipping a shaft will make the overall shaft flex stiffer, but will not alter how the actual tip section performs. For instance, if you have a raw Diamana Redboard, which is the highest launching in the Diamana line, you tip it to install into a fairway wood. This is to compensate for the heavier weight of the clubhead so the shaft still plays to the designated flex/feel despite greater mass attached to it. The actual tip action is unchanged as far as launch and spin is concerned. With the cost and variety of shafts, trial and error just isn't practical. Finding a fitting center with a Trackman or Flightscope and selection of shafts is key. Even the mini-tour pros who live out of their cars will make the investment to eliminate uncertainty as well as wasted time and money. Cathi certainly can check for the closest fitting centers to you. Best of luck.

  4. Paul D

    I have access to Flight scope and Trackman in my swing lab.  Unfortunately I don't have access to tons of shafts.  The other day my coach and I were dialing in his SLDR, and I was re-visiting my 910D2.  In a nut shell I really struggled to get south of 3,000 RPM, regardless of what swing I put on the ball.  As a somewhat decent player, +2 hdcp, I like to think that I can take spin off of a drive when necessary.  In the end, I was proved wrong by the 910D2 + PX 7B3 combo.  It's setup takes me into the stratosphere and beyond, with lighter weights in the head...thus my reason for starting this thread.  Apparently I need to re-think my approach to the driver.

  5. Paul D

    Problem solved...

    Just picked up the 913D3 with the Diamana white D+ 72 x.  Demo'd the shaft with a 10.5 head... which isn't what I need, but even at 16° launch angle I was still south of 2600 RPM.  The 7.5 head I ordered should be perfect with those results.

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