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AP1's or AP2's a good club to go to?

John B

Looking to upgrade my irons from TM 2.0's to titleist AP1 or AP2. I shoot right around mid 80's to low 90's. Does anyone know if the AP1's are similar to the TM 2.0's? Are the AP2's hard to hit consistently like people are saying? Thanks!

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  1. Cameron D


    The AP1 will offer more forgiveness and and actual blade size similarities.  The AP2 will be a more work able iron then both options.  I would visit your local Club Fitter and have him properly fit you.  He will be able to see what iron you are most consistent with, since we have had a wide variety of different playing abilities using each iron model.



  2. dave p

    I also had the TMs and just recently upgraded to the AP1s. My instructor told me and I agreed, the look and feel were vaguely similar so the transition wasn't too drastic as far as look and feel.  The biggest difference is the results! Recommend a fitting session and work thru the bag!!! Good Luck!!

  3. Brandon C


    I currently play 712 AP1 irons and shoot mid to low 80's and they are excellent irons. If your shooting mid 80's to low 90's then you would most certainly benefit from using the increased forgiveness of the AP1 irons.

    With that being said, I would wait until November for the new 714 AP1 iron release. Supposedly major changes were made within the AP1 and AP2 line-up. Something to keep in mind. Also make sure you talk to your local fitting professional to make sure your getting exactly what you need for your game.


  4. John B

    Stopped in golfsmith yesterday and guy said they don't even have in AP1's to demo. So I asked him to try out AP2's and he only had a 6 iron with a -2 shaft to try. Maybe you could answer this question for me. My long game is great, my short game is where I tend to lose a stroke. I feel my TM 2.0's are so thick at base, that when I need the shorter shots it is hard to tell which way it is going. Would I benefit from a thinner sole and from a more playable club?
  5. Cameron D


    There is a possibility the thicker sole would be an issue with your turf interaction.  Just know that the AP2 will have the thinner sole, but offer slightly higher bounce in a few of the lofts.  This all is based on what the actual issue is with those shorter irons.  It sounds like there could be more of a lie angle or loft issue with your shorter irons.  This is something I would have a Club Fitter take a look at to see if this is causing your inconsistencies.



  6. John B

    Thanks Dave! So you can tell a difference going from one to the AP1. That's what I was unsure of. Didn't know if the difference would be great enough or if I should go to the AP2 forged. I hit a 6 on the AP2 and they felt good but they had no other ones to try for the AP2 and no AP1. So hard to tell from just 1 club.
  7. John B

    Thanks. Have you shot the TM 2.0's? They have forgiveness, but the problem I run into is the clunky wide sole on closer shots. Didn't see if soles are same on AP1 as the TM2.0.

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