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All time favourite Titleist club

Rob K Team Titleist Staff Titleist Staff Member

I'm sure we all have one, or had one.  The most amazing, consistent, and reliable golf club.  If you had to think back, or just look into your current bag, what is your all time favourite Titleist club??  Would it be a driver, or maybe a Scotty?? 

Can't wait to hear some of the responses!

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  1. Tim Tiger

    I had (still have in spare bag) a custom fit 905T with a Graffaloy Blue X flex.  Still one of the longest straightest drivers I ever hit.

    Also still have my original Scotty Cameron Laguna Two and Teryllium Newport that I will never part with.


  2. Lars Peder K

    Loved my 503H with Aldila NV stiff shaft

  3. Allen L

    So far, my favorite is a Vockey SM2 62 / 07 wedge.  Easy to hit and stops a ball within a foot or so of impact from 50-70 yards out.

  4. Lou G

    Irons - my AP1 PW

    Wedges - SM4 54-11 (bent to 53)

    Driver - 975F 10.5*

    Fairways - 910F 19* (A3)


  5. Steven S

    As far as drivers go I'd have to say the Titleist 975d . I'm only 15 and most people my age have current Titleist clubs with today's new technology. I ended up finding one for a good price (usually play what I can get for cheap because I can't get a job yet) and still use it today. It's really accurate and launches good, even with only 7.5 degrees of loft. I hit it straighter and farther than any of the new 460cc drivers. Maybe a properly fit 913 will change my mind when I get the money. Until then, I'll continue to use the 975d, because it performs great.

  6. ToddL

    Titleist Tour Model 90 - 8 iron.  Simply put, the best forged blade I have ever played.  

  7. Justin U

    It would be my Circa 62 number 3. Its the Asian model, it's a 34 inch with the 340 gram head. I love it. Can you tell me how many of these were made?

  8. Dylan B

    Deffinatley my 910F 3 wood. Dead straight whether it's off the tee or the fairway.                                             

    Best club ever

  9. Jim R

    Would be my 690CB 2 Iron, love that iron. (I had it tattooed on my left inner bicept I love it so much) I have just gotten 712MB irons and had a tough time hitting the Fd hybrid so the 690CB 2 iron is back in the bag.  I am about to get a 712U in 18 degree and looking forward to it becoming my new favourite iron... LOL!

  10. Barry O

    Hi Rob. I would have to say that my 24* 910h hybrid is my favorite club. Why, because it is the club that earned me my 1st hole in one on a 180 yd. par 3. It is the club that with its accuracy gets me either into great position or onto the green from just inside 200 yds. I also depend on it to get me out of trouble from under low hanging trees and onto the surface. Second choice would have to be my SM4 Vokey wedges. Love all my full set of Titleist clubs. Hope urs is as special as mine?

  11. Rob K

    Some great answers so far!!  For me, the 983K holds a special place in my heart.  It was the first ever Titleist club I owned, and it started the transition into a lot more Titleist gear!  It was 9.5* and had the stock Speeder shaft, and I loved it.  So much longer and straighter than anything at the time, it was such a great club.  Currently, I would have to say my 910 F.d 15*, with a Rombax Pro 95 shaft.  Such a great looking head, and provides all I could ever ask for in a 3 wood.

  12. Jamie L

    Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2.5.  No inserts, finishes or weights.  Just a classic putter that will last forever.  I like it so much I bought a second one as a backup.  It has been in my bag for almost 10 years. 

  13. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    I love my K wedge, but it is not new - it just saves me :), but I do have to say, I have had my Scotty Cameron My girl since 2007 and although I have tried other putters, always come back to it.

  14. Jacob S

    704CB's. Althought I am now in the 710's. These are still amazing.

  15. Andrew A

    I still am in love with my 905R driver.  It's always been a reliable practice club to build my confidence back up off the tee

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