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slicing my driver! please help!

Garrett W

i have a brand new TM R1 driver and i can not stop slicing it, which causes me to not shoot par becasue im always stuck behind trees...

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  1. Dr. Kovatchian


    Sorry about that slice bro.

    Visit you local Titleist Club Fitter....They will straighten you out in no time!!!


    DR. K

  2. Lou G

    Garrett W

    i have a brand new TM R1 driver and i can not stop slicing it, which causes me to not shoot par becasue im always stuck behind trees...

    If it starts straight and then goes right (or left for lefties), swing path is OK but clubface is open at impact.  If it starts left and goes right, you're coming over the top.

    One thing is that TM drivers have horribly long shafts so if you're too close to the ball, you'll hit toward the heel and it will slice.  This is called a "push-slice".  I find it very difficult to hit a 46 inch driver (mine is 44.5").

    If your hands are too far ahead of the ball at impact, the clubface is open (the front arm and the shaft should be a straight line).

    "Over the top" is caused by starting the downswing with the upper body instead of the hips and you have an outside-in swing path.

    Ball too far forward in the stance also causes a slice because you're pushing the club into the ball.

    Standing too erect causes a slice because the toe of the club is down.

    Upper body ahead of the ball at impact is also a reason for slice.  You should be looking into the ball at impact and your weight should be mostly on your front foot.

    At finish, your weight should be on the leading edge of your front foot and your heel and belt buckle facing the target.

    I have a small fade because my driver swing path is a little outside in.  I hit with a closed stance to straighten or draw it or I play the fade.

  3. Norris

    I agree 100% with Lou. The TM drivers and fairways are longer and lighter than other manufactures' clubs, and that is the reason they can advertise that their club will give you more distance than others. I play with a group of guys every Tue. and two of the guys have the same clubs as you. I've tried them, and can't even hit them because they are too long and light for me.

    Thanks for the advise Lou. I also have trouble slicing the ball from time to time. Some days I hit my driver straight and sometimes even during the same round I'll start to slice, and can't seem to fix it or figure why I'm slicing. I have found that if I "T" the ball too much forward I'll slice it every time. Other times I must be having an open club face since the ball will start straight, then the last half of the ball flight it will start to slice. Also, seems like the higher I hit the ball the more chance it will have of slicing. Lou, do you know why it slices more as I hit it higher? (could be I'm Ting it more forward in order to get the ball higher, and there fore more slice)

  4. Dallin H


    Thanks for the feedback. I've been slicing everything with my driver lately.  I'm going to work on some of the tips you provided next time I'm on the range.

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