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Half to Full Wedge Shots

Jeffery E

Hello, I use pokey wedges 52, 56-11 and 60-07. Lately I have been having a lot of trouble under 125 yards with shots from the fairway. I have been chunking a large number of them, I don't know what I am doing I try not to have so much wrist movement in my swing and try to focus on accelerating through the ball. I am selling these wedges and upgrading to the SM4, does anyone have any suggestions for the bounce I should be using from the fairway? I hit a lot go gap and sand wedge shots from 90-125 yards, or any suggestions how to fix chunking and hitting the ball flat? Thanks!

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  1. Tony T

    I assume you mean Vokey wedges. I was having the same problem with my 60 degree. Try playing the ball a couple more inches back in your stance. It seems to work for me.

  2. Jeffery E

    Yes I meant Vokey thanks, I have tried that sometimes it works but sometimes I would fall back into the dreaded chunk shot, it might be a mental thing at this point. I don't have a problem in longer turf just short.
  3. MK

    If you are digging too much you need more bounce. But it sounds like it's more a swing flaw if you are chunking a lot of the shots. Maybe focus on keeping a triangle between your arms and chest and make sure the club is always in front of you. Also it could be the movement of your body, lifting up on the back swing and coming back down on the down swing. 

  4. Ryan E

    make sure when you finish all your weight is on outside of your leading foot- so much so that your almost falling over- if you do it you'll never chunk again

  5. Lou G

    Chunking it (along with a gazillion other swing faults) is caused by the upper body getting ahead of the lower on the downswing.

    Most likely you are casting the club (your wrists break on the downswing); that (along with going over the top) is caused by the upper body starting the downswing.

    Even on a tight lie, ball position in relation to the torso is the same as for a high shot in thick grass. Your head should be behind the ball and the shaft should line up with your shirt pocket.   To make it appear like the ball is "back" in your stance, your front foot is more forward.

    Take a more compact backswing with a wedge (you don't need The Big 90 Degree Backswing).  As in any other golf swing, the hips start the downswing.

    Concur with the others on finish.  Weight should be on the forward part of the front foot and heel.


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