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New AP2 712 - loss of distance

John T

I been playing my new irons for a week and have noticed considerable loss of distance, especially in 7i - PW. My old set was cally X20. 7 iron was going about 160yds, now about 145. 8 was going about 150, now about 130 -135. 9 iron is going about 120yds. My ball flight is very high.

some shots I will hit solid and can get good yardage. But most of the time they are really high shots and short. When I got fitted, the suggested lie angle was 2 up.

Any comments.

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  1. Nate S

    Are the shafts in your new irons any different? stiffer or less stiff? The Ap2's are for a lower ball flight so i dont understand why you are hitting so high that you would lose 15 yards are you compressing the ball? I think its probably a mechanical issue rather than an issue with the club itself and you should get a lesson to make sure you're doing everything correctly.

  2. John T

    Its a stiffer shaft, KBS Tour shaft but very light. I think it's a swing issue as well

  3. Brian E

    cally irons also have stronger lofts than Titleist.

  4. John T

    The specs on the AP2 irons have a 2 degree higher loft than my x20s.

  5. Jacob B

    Did you get fitted for the kbs shafts that are in your new ap2's?

  6. John T

    yep...i went through a full custom fitting

  7. Scott C.

    There are 1-2* of loft difference between the two irons.  Given that, the AP2s would be shorter than the X20s.

    Theoretically, every 1* of loft in an iron is about 2-3 yards and some people say that number is actually closer to 1 yard.  However, that assumes everything else stays the same.  The X20s were engineered for more distance (hotter face) and a little less for consistency, just look at the cavity and how it is cut compared to the AP2s.

    Also to be taken into consideration is the new shaft, which we all know can really impact a number of factors.

  8. John T

    I can say that the shots have been more on target but the lack of distance is frustrating. Last night I just barely hit a 155yd par 3 with my 6i. With my old clubs that shot would've sailed over the green. I guess I probably need to get used to irons. I think my body may also be tired from practicing / playing 5 -6 days a week since May. The lower body isn't feeling fresh.

  9. Norris

    John; give it a little time to get more distance. I can't explain it, but I had the same problem when I bought a 54* Vokey wedge. I had been playing a CG 56* wedge, and the 56* was 20yrds. longer than the 54*. I brought it up on this site, and one of the members told me to keep playing it and the distance would get better, and it did. Don't know why but now the 54* is longer than the 56* as it should be.

  10. John T

    I am getting some distance back and getting used to the irons. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week temps got up into the 90s and the ball was flying a long ways. It also helps when I rotate my forearms on the downswing for better impact position! I have gotten rid of the weak fade and I'm back to hitting powerful draws!

  11. Norris

    Really glad to hear it John, and thanks for the update. Just keep doing what you're doing, and it will get even better, and the longer you play your AP2's the more your distance will improve. You've got the best clubs out there, so have fun, and keep'um in the short grass.

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