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710 vs 712 AP2 irons

Fred C


I'm considering the new 714 AP2 irons, but may opt for the 712 AP2's. Can anyone tell me what the discernible differences between the 710 series and 712 series are? For that matter, what new features will the 714 series bring over the 712 series?


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  1. Nate S

    I didn't see any major differences between the 710's and the 712's or the 712's and the 714's there might be some minor changes but your not gonna get rid of your slice or add 10 yards if you get the 712's instead of the 710's or the 714's instead of the 712's.

  2. Cameron D


    The new 714 AP series irons have been precision engineered for advanced performance.  We've improved the flight of the irons by re-positioning the Center of Gravity (CG).  The longer irons will have a lower CG for a higher launch, better stopping control, and more distance through more carry.  The shorter irons will have a slightly higher CG that will allow for more speed and distance.  In both the long and short irons, the CG has been aligned closer to the point of impact.  Along with the improved flight, we have also been able to improve the feel of the 714 AP2 through an increased camber and pre-worn leading edge.  This will help control divot depth and reduces digging at turf entry.  The forgiveness has also been improved through the use and precise placement of high density tungsten weighting. The high MOI allows for increased speeds across the face and more consistence distance control. 

    Let us know if you have any other questions.



  3. Nate S

    Not to put titleist down or anything but every you you've come out with an iron model you've "repositioned the CG" in a way  that will increase speed and distance. I have played three generations of titleist clubs and i can tell you that there isn't more than a 10 yard difference and thats simply because ive grown from 5'4 at my first set of titleists to 5'11 to my new ones. 

  4. Cameron D

    Hey Nate, 

    You are correct, in the fact that you aren't going to see an extreme increase in distance.  One of the main differences that is highlighted in the newer 714 models is that higher launching long irons and lower launching short irons.  This will help give the player more control when hitting into the green.  The re-position of the CG, that helps raise and lower ball flight, has also been aligned closer to the point of impact.  This, along with the use of tungsten weighting, allows for higher ball speeds and better distance control on your miss hits.  

    Hopefully this helps clarify some of the improvements.



  5. Mike C

    One thing we have to remember when we think about our AP2's is that they are already great irons.  Having played these irons for multiple generations, I can say that the changes to the irons have not been major.  I think this kind of goes along the lines of, "if it isn't broken, don't fix it."

    That being said, as with any great product, research and feedback over the past two years have led to tweaks to the product to improve it.  These tweaks are what is incororated into the new irons.  Will I be upgrading to the 714's when available?  Yes, just as I have with previous generations, so I can take advantage of the newest version out there with any of the changes Titleist incorporates to improve the product.  Will the 714's be alot different from my existing 712 setup?  Probably not, but everybody likes to have the most up to date, shiny new Titlest irons in their bag, right?

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