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AP1 or AP2

Noah B

I'm 14 and play off a 12 handicap, my ball-striking is between good and great. I love the look and feel of the AP@'s but want the forgiveness of the AP!. Is there enough forgiveness in the AP2's for me o be successful? Thanks


                          ~ Noah

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  1. Nate S

    Absolutely there is Noah I'm 15 and I have been playing TM tour preferred MB's since I was 13 so if your ball striking is anywhere near as good as you make it out to be you may even want to consider the CB's.

  2. MK

    AP2s are forgiving enough. It'll also help you with your ball striking if you are coming from irons that are more SGI.

  3. AC RixRox

    Hi Noah,

    You ask a very good question. In my humble opinion, the AP2 properly fitted for shaft flexibility and length, will be a step up when you are shaping most of your hard shots and they go where you want them. AP2 are great but AP1's are great for learning to shape your shots. You will know when you are there. Your  scores will be scratch and lower. You can jump on the AP2's but you will have a bit of a learning curve. Just do not be discouraged while you are LEARNING the clubs.

    I love my AP1's and my handicap is the same as yours. If you play a lot, like twice a week, I say go for the 2's but be patient until you learn how to shape your shots with them. Your scores should drop as you get better. The whole reason to change irons is to match the club to your skill set and get lower scores and get on "Tour".

    Go for it Noah, when you feel ready.



  4. Nate S

    AC RixRox

    You do not have to be a scratch player to play AP2's infact far from it. I play the ™ tour preferred MC"S which you'll find are much closer to the Titleist CB's and i am not a scratch I'm a 2 handicap.  Ialso happen to know one of my fellow HS team golfers is a 5 hcp and is one of the best ball strikers that I have ever seen. The iron you play is based on how well youi hit the ball not your score. Just because you're a6 or 7 hcp and can't hit the AP2's or don't want to doesn't mean that another 6 hcp can't

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