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Wondering about switching out my AP2 710 with 714MB

Frode Ø

I am a player of 5 in hcp and wondering about switching out my AP2 710 with 714MB.

I wonder if I will get me a surprise that these clubs are difficult to play with, or is this transition which will go smoothly?

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  1. Nate S

    Alright.  Good for you.  Here's what I would suggest: get a combo set.  3 or 4 iron through 6 in the CB's and then 7-PW in MB's.  You will have much more fun and just as much workability.  This would be the best option because going straight to MB's from AP2's isnt th ebest idea

  2. JOHN B

    I am in the same boat.  I'm due for some new weapons from my beat up 710 AP2s...although they shoot like the day they were new.

    Not sure I see what's so new about the 714 models to invest another $1200, but going to the CB/MB combo would make a big difference - either really good or really bad...

  3. John S

    The MB's are NOT hard to hit.  I play 5-PW one degree strong and they are the easiest blades I've ever hit.  Plenty forgiving and the turf interaction is unreal.

    I'd personally still play an alternate 4 iron though as the MB 4 isn't forgiving at all lol.  The 5 iron is super easy to hit, but the 4 is just a different beast all together.  I'd play an AP2 4 and 3 (or hybrid).

  4. drtaylorwright

    I feel like I can give some pretty good feedback, I used to play the AP2's for years, then went CB's for years and then on a whim thought, man I just don't feel like I'm hitting these as solid as I'd like, so silly me thought "maybe I'll try the MB"s to work on my iron play, learn how to hit them well and then whalla... I'll be a good iron player"... so funny thing, when I went to the MB's (3-PW) I was kind of nervous at first and then realized how pure and incredible they are to hit.. and straight (if you want to hit straight). I love these clubs, I'm a 13 handicap and have never hit my irons as good. I usually shoot in the low 80's, shot a 78 the other day, and attribute my better playing to the MB's. They are not hard to hit, I even had my older brother (20 handicap) try hitting them and he hit them pretty decent, said they felt awesome. The thing I noticed about these compared to the AP's and CB's is how fun they are to hit and play, I was 205 out the other day and hit my 4 iron right to the green, my brother couldn't believe how straight it went. 

    Another example, we were about 145 out on a par 3, hit both PROV1 and PROV1x (I'm trying to decide which to stick with.. dang Titleist golf balls are too good, still can't decide, for another post:), anyways I hit 2 shots within 4 to 5 feet, I just feel like I'm hitting more laser like shots with these clubs, I've never hit closer to pins before. my short game kills me.... I give up 5 to 6 shots a round but I play an honest game and thats why I'm a 13.5 handicap. ( why does everyone I play with adjust the ball to a perfect lie, move it to the fairway, take all the 4 footers as gimmy's... what the he... is happening out there?)

    So what I'm saying is everyone says these are for low handicappers or those that like to work the ball.. in my opinion anyone can learn to hit them and have fun doing it, if you're not having fun playing with them then try something else, most places will give you a decent percentage towards another set if you're not happy with the first within a certain amount of time. I love my MB's, they're helping my game, I'm having fun doing it, and they look pretty sexy in the bag ( but I'd never say that in front of my wife). 

    This isn't how it is, just how it was and is for me, I'm sure it'll be different for everyone...... God Bless Texas, and God Bless Titleist (and my family, and the US)


  5. JOHN B

    Did you try the CBs/MBs at the fitter first to see how they hit?

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