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Changing Golf Irons


I have been playing the 690MB for about 10 years and I am thinking of making a change to the AP2 714 irons. Any thoughts?

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  1. Nate S

    The 690 MB's are one of Titleist's premiere achievements. If you are going to switch you are going to want to switch to a club thats the most like your own.  If you want to take a step down to a more forgiving club but you want workability, then try the CB's.  If you own MB's then you are definitely good enough to play the CB's.

  2. david b

    The AP2's will not have the feel of the 690's get but the feedback is still pretty good. I agonized for ages before I switched but the benefits on mishits plus for me the better spin rate & launch angle far outweighs the slight loss of "feel". Remember unlike most other cavity back irons the AP's are still forged! Go and get fitted and carefully compare the AP's against your 690's before you spend over $1000.00.

    Good luck


  3. tdogg21

    the best thing for you to do would be to get fitted and compare both your irons and the AP2s.  you might be pleasantly surprised how well the AP2s preform compared to your blades while also giving you more forgiveness. 

  4. Karan T

    How about miz clubs? I have the 695 MBs and I am a 6 handicap. I am planning to switch (for no particular reason) and am thinking of miz MP-64 or Titleist 714 MB. What do you suggest?

  5. Clifford M

    I had a set of 690MB/CB mixed set (MB's 7-W, CB 4-6).  I made the switch to the AP2's.  My experience is that the AP2's launch higher and land more softly.  Spin is a push (equal between sets).  MB/CB combination is more workable (marginally) especially draw/fade workability.  High/low workability is about equal with a slight edge to the MB's especially lower (since their normal launch is lower to start with).  Hitting the AP2's higher is easier than hitting an MB higher than normal launch.  So the real answer is, "it depends".  If your go to shot under pressure is a punch low that skips and stops close to landing spot, and you can/want to work the ball a lot into pins, stay with the MB's.  If your go to shot is a high launching shot that lands softly and rolls out a little, go to the AP2's.  Of course, get fit as others have said; but with all of the ways that Titleist makes great irons, there is a definite fit within the line of 714's to suit your replacement to your 690's.  Obviously, if you have played MB's for this long; you must be a player who can hit the shot you want when you want to hit it.  My experience is that those times when I miss the sweet spot, the AP2's make you pay less of a price than the 690's did.  Instead of missing a green with the MB's, I have a little longer putt with the AP2's.  I hope this helps you make your decision with a little more clarity, and I'll say in summary that I've never regretted giving up a little workability to gain a little more forgiveness.  

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