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Which 714 model is best to replace my 755 irons?

Nick Z

Which of the 714 models would be best for me to buy to replace my 755 iron set? I am just confused which one would be better for my game being a 9 handicap and improving while in my colleges PGM program. any help or advice would be great! thanks!

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  1. Baxterbarret

    I have the 755 right now and am looking to upgrade. I really like the AP2s. The blades sound nice, but the AP2s are still workable and are way more forgiving. My suggestion is to find a fitter and test the different models and see what works for you. 

  2. Nick K

    is there a spec sheet for the new ap2's

  3. Nick Z

    Thanks! and that is probably the best idea. I have just been asking around in my program and friends in it on what they think and alot like the new ap2s and a couple like the cm/mb combo. biggest problem with me is trying to figure out which shafts I should get for them. hah

  4. Nick Z

    I dont think they are coming out with it until october

  5. Baxterbarret

    That should be made entirely based on feel. Good Luck!

  6. Doug E

    You can not go wrong with the AP2s, particularly since you are college-aged and only getting better. I am much older (late 50s). I too am a 9 hdcp and also played 755s. I got fit for AP2 712s and ordered them two years ago, just before they were first released, when I was an 11 hdcp. I was worried they may be too much club for me. I loved them the moment I started playing them. I was told by the fitter at the time that they were more forgiving than my 755s. If I can play them, you certainly can. The AP2 714s are even more forgiving than the 712s. And look nicer too. No matter how good you get, you will never be too good for them. Though the CBs are pretty nice looking and the muscle backs are so clean looking, you give up a lot of forgiveness with either of them. The feel of the AP2s is just as sweet when pure contact is made. Of all the guys on Tour playing Titleist, there are only a few who play the MBs and CBs. Generally speaking most are playing the AP2s. Jason Dufner loves his AP2 714s. I am sure you will too. 

  7. Tom S

    The new AP1s are an excellent option as well. They are more forgiving than any of the other models and become better looking and more versatile with each new generation. A combo set with AP1s in the 4, 5, and 6-iron and the AP2s the rest of the way is also worth strong consideration.

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