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AP1 / AP2 714 Combo Set

Frank H

I am thinking about getting a combo set of AP1 / AP2 714 irons.....most likely an AP1 4 and 5 iron and AP2 for 6 iron through gap wedge. Should I change the lofts on the AP1 4 and 5 irons to match the AP2 lofts for those clubs? Thanks.

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  1. Nate S

    Absolutely! you want your sets to conform to each other so change the lofts so they have the same as the ap2's.  

  2. DAL

    I think combining the two sets is superb.  Leave the loft alone.   Learn how they work for you.  Playing a forged club has a feel all to its own that typically will just jump right into your heart when struck on the sweet spot.    I would have to guess that you are a competent player looking to add a bit of forgiveness to your game. Let the AP1's do their job and rely on the feel of the AP2's

  3. Chuck Z

    I too am going to order a combo set of AP1/AP2s soon and hope for delivery on November 8th.....except mine with be a AP1 4,5,6 and AP2 7,8,9,P and will probably set mine up to AP1 specs......which will be a little bit stronger....that is what I play now with my AP2 silverbacks ......I am currently using Wilson Staff CI9 5,6 irons......I just cannot hit the longer irons with accuracy and consistancy.....I just waiting for ProGolf to get in their 714 Fitting equipment so we can ensure that I get the correct shafts......I know I need one inch over and 1 degree up, but I want to double check.......I am currently using Project X 5.5 stiff and I heard that there is a new Project X 105 shaft and might work better for me.....I am a 9 handicap and am 67 years of age.....7 iron from 150 and 50.8 degree gap from 100 (smooth swing) .....all my current irons are calibrated at four degrees, except my sandwedge which is a 56.11 ......any suggestions on the new irons.....I am really excited about them and anxious.....chuckz  

  4. Wendell L

    Hi Frank,

                      i would recommend going 712U 3 and 4 irons... and 714 AP2 5-pw. The 712U irons will blend better with the AP2's with size and offset and the lie and lofts go perfectly together... with the AP1's you have shaft and loft issues. The 712U long irons are much easier to hit than you would expect. 

  5. Brian B

    Hey Frank great Idea, i have been playing a 4-5 hybrid and now with the new ap-2 i was thinking going 4 and 5 iron instead. I have finally started shooting consistent 70's. do you think i should look at ap1's since im coming from hybrids.. I have such good luck with them and can usually hti them perfect.. Thanks for your help.. 

  6. acubillas

    I got myself a 714 combo set and I love them.

    4-6 AP1s - 7-GW AP2s.  All w/ S300s. 1* weak and a little flat.

    Just played Bandon Dunes and rocked it!

    I'm a 5 handicap but struggle with mid/long irons.  Struggling no more.

    Walking up to long par 3s with a whole lot of confidence and that makes all the difference at my level of play.

    7 iron AP2 - 160-167 yards

    6 iron AP1 - 170-180 yards

    Didn't need to get too fancy with the loft matching.  They just work.

    Standing O for the engineers!

  7. Nathan Limbach

    I have a different combo set: 714 AP2 4-PW with a AP1 3 iron. I found having the 3 iron that can go longer and higher has been great for short par 4s and par 5 layups. I also tried the 712U 3 iron and it launched the ball much lower and had a far looser dispersion, so it didn't fit the composition of the set I needed. I would take a look at the AP1s in the higher irons.

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