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A difficult choice

Laurent B

I have been using AP2 golf clubs for about 6 years now and i think it is time to change.

I'm in doubt between the 714 AP2 and the 714 CB clubs.

So my question is... what head and what shaft would be best for me? Here are some stats:

- I play around 9 handicap

- Measured my swing speed with a 6 iron today: 91mph

- I play around 36 holes per week + 2 hours on the range.

Thank you for the help

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  1. Wendell L

    the 714 AP2's will be slightly more forgiving. The set is also geared to flight the short irons lower with their face weighting or thickness i believe. Mix them with with 712U long irons for an unbelievable set. With the 714CB's... i would point out that many titleist tour pros play the AP2's over the CB's. The AP2's are the perfect blend of performance and forgiveness. I believe it is the perfect players club. Good luck.

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