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Combo set, or not?

Nick B

Most fitting carts only carry 6irons.. Therefor they are not great for people looking to combo set clubs. But here's my question, the ap2s would be a great club for me as it is more forgiving but for some reason I can not seem to hit it with any consistency.. Then I moved onto the cbs and could not miss them! I was htting them great, but I would like a combo set cb/mb.. I hit the mb 6iron good aswell just like the cb for the added forgiveness. If I can manage a cb 6iron well, would i be fine with mb 7-pw? I am a mid handicap who ruins rounds with a couple blow up holes.. I currently play miz mp58s but i cannot stand how 'clippy' they feel with the titanium insert, i love the feel of the cb and mb.

Question 1: Is there much difference if I would go with mbs in short irons?

Question 2: will I hit the mbs 7-pw without a problem if i hit the cb 6iron well?

Thank you.

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  1. Nick B

    Also, is it more expensive to get the combo set?

  2. Don O

    The great news about Titleist is they are not hung up on merchandising sets.  Unless your pro shop really wanted to dump a left over set on you, all Titleist clubs are a per each price. 

    Just to note, the AP2s are a little more expensive per club than CB or MB.  So it is either more expensive to add an AP2 to a CB/MB set or less expensive to add CB/MB to an AP2 set. J

  3. tyler s

    mb s all the way i love mine they are sooo sweet i used to play the mp58 the mb s are the better buy

  4. Nick B

    Did it take time to get used to the decreased forgiveness? Or was it a smooth switch?

  5. Don O

    The general rule is sweepers like the MB more than the diggers.  At the cost of a new set, if you can find an Advanced fitting center if not a Regional center you might find something other than a 6  iron.  If you can get fit outdoors and try some shots above/below your feet, that should help you with how the transition would be.  ....Anyone can hit off of a flat surface..

  6. tyler s

    very smooth almost no difference at all just make sure the shaft is fit for you i think you will really like the mb s

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