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712U 3 iron

Wendell L

Just picked up a new 3 iron to replace my cally razr x forged 3 iron. The 712U 3 iron is a beast. Initially i was not a fan of its looks as it does look quite compact. However upon hitting it indoors in a simulator i realized how easy it is to hit. When i played my first round with it i hit it on 4 tight holes off the tee and found the fairway each time. Pretty consistent high draw around 215-220 yards. I liked it so much i just ordered the 2 iron and soon will replace the 4 iron as well. Previously i was using Adams DHY 2 and 3 driving irons... they are very inconsistent with regards to distance... however they do launch the ball a long way... one shot would carry about 220... the next would be closer to 250... And as a side note... i am going to order the new 714 AP2's from 5 to PW. At that point my entire bag will be titleist... including the 14 way divider carry bag. Titleist rules. The 712U driving irons are very consistent performers and are very well made. Just enough to be more forgiving than the average long iron but not too bulky like a miz mp h4. You've hit a home run here guys.

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  1. Oz

    I'm to understand that they won't be making a 714U, so how long will the 712U be available? I'm waiting to ordering a set of ap2s and new Vokey wedges this fall and just need to know if I should order a 712U soon, or at least before the 714 release date. 

  2. Cameron D

    The 712U will be current with the release of the 714 irons.  You can order the 712U anytime.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



  3. Nick B

    Hey cameron, are there 712u clubs in any fitting carts? Or is there any other way to try it before buying it?

  4. Cameron D


    Yes, there will be a RH 712U 3 iron at all of our Advanced Fitting Centers.



  5. Wendell L

    like i said the 3 iron 712U is a beast. hit it 215- 220 again today on a couple of holes... very consistent. 

  6. Justin B

    Does Titleist offer the 712u for Lefty's? if so, where can i try it?

  7. Jeff K

    I just picked one of these up last week. Ive been hitting my 710 CB 4 iron so well I figured why not give one of these 3 iron's a shot. It's gonna take a little getting used to for me. The sound/feel was different then what I experienced with the CB's, which is to be expected. Just gonna take a little range work for me! THe distance is just what I was looking for.

  8. Cameron D


    We do offer those in left hand.  We will have them at our Regional Fitting Centers as well as all Fitting/Demo Days.  You can use the link below to find the nearest Regional Fitter as well as any Fitting/ Days near you.  Feel free to contact us at 1-888-TITLEIST for any further assistance.



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