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909 D3 vs. 913 D3

Jeff G

Been playing an older 909D3 10.5 driver. Recently added a new 913 D3 10.5 w/ Diamana White shaft, and its performance vs the 909 is actually disappointing.  Changed shafts to the same VooDoo for comparison, and the 909 is longer, straighter, feels very much more solid.  Anyone else notice anything like this, or am I imagining things?

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  1. Christian G

    I had the 909D3 as well, but I had been hitting the 910D3 for quite some time when I switched to the 913D3. I only noticed a slight difference in feel and performance at first but after playing the 913 for a couple months I started to see some distance increases and accuracy.

    There's a bit of difference in the specs from the 909 to 913 models, so I'd say to keep working with it for a while and see if it just takes some getting used to.  You may also want to consider re-checking your swing stats if possible.  The 913 driver is definitely lighter and has different launch characteristics than your old 909.  It may be that you need to match up a different shaft to the 913 to get the performance you're really expecting.  

  2. Matt B

    In the past I used the 909 D3 9.5 with a Diamana Whiteboard 73 stiff shaft, just bomb that club. Recently went to Golfsmith to demo the 913D3 and was thinking of moving to the 10.5* head with the D+ 72 stiff. They didn't have the 10.5* head available for demo however they set me up with the 913 D3 9.5 with the D+ 72 stiff and I was very surprised at the launch numbers I was getting 14-16. I believe the 913 heads launch higher than the older 909 heads. You may need a lower loft on the new model, I am still reviewing my options however will probably go with the 913 D3 9.5 D+ 72 stiff combo and play to the lower setting.

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