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Tristan S

Journal Entry-

My new AP2's came in along with my new 913D2. 913Fd LowSpin, and 913H along with new SM4 Vokey Wedges S&L. My wife purchased them for me as my graduation gift. 

Let me start by saying, These are the first fitted clubs I have ever had minus the 3w and Dr. And I am super excited. But I have to share a couple stories. I have had these stix less than 3 weeks. 

Week 1 4th hit with my 3W I broke the crown through the aim line. Sent it in, they replaced it and sent back. A week later I was int he rough with the 6 iron and hit through it and dug up a rock the size of a volleyball sending shock waves through my body. 

I have played golf for 20 years and neither of these things have ever happened to me, and they happened to my new stix. Other than almost hypventellating, I am tryign to focus on lowering my score. Have not broke 40 all season and shot 39 on Thursday.  My game is coming to life with these clubs. 

I am thankful for the folks at Titleist for fitting me up good. In Maine it is real tough to find good people for golf and Natanis has a gem with Dick Browne. I hope they can hook him up with some technology to bring the experience to the next level. 

I coach a college team and we are a third place or better finish away from being sent to the national Tournament and 3 of my top 5 are playing AP2's and the College Program has made is possible. They are playing great this season and I am indebted to Titleist for supplying top notch service and equipment. 

I had to share the story of my new clubs. I know people out there might appreciate that. 

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  1. Norris

    Thanks for sharing your story Tristan, and as you are finding out, you can't find better equipment that Titleist, and the support you'll get from the folks at Titleist is far above any of the rest. The more you play your Titleist clubs, the better your game will get.

    See Ya in the fairway.

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