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913D2 Headcover hard to put back on the club?


Anyone else find the headcover incredibly difficult to put on to the club?

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  1. Jay Sevilla

    same here

  2. AJAR

    I haven't had this problem. Once the sock is over the head I grab the neck of the shaft with 1 hand and pull the little handle back with my other hand with a little twist. Hope this helps. 

  3. Steve H

    No problems here....just slip it ove and pull.  Stretches over time, but then you know that... Good luck

  4. Justinu3

    I haven't had any issues with my 913 D2 or 913 F.  The 910 Driver cover was harder and I had some issues but the 913 is much better.

  5. Keith M

    Yes, it doesn't fit very well in my opinion.  It's always a struggle to get it back on.  I try to be as gentle as possible with it because I may damage the head or shaft.

    I don't have this problem with the 913F cover for my 3. 

    I wish they had zippered covers like that of some of the competitors.  Not a fan of the pom-pom headcovers as alternatives.  Again, just my opinion. 

  6. vurich

    I just finished playing 300 rounds with my 913 driver and it's still an effort to put it on.

    I have to set the butt of my grip on the pavement and pull it over.

    Too much work.

    If I leave off the headcover, the club gets nicked which I hate.

    At one time, there was a magnet flap I think was available in Japan for the 910.

    I find all the headcovers too bulky and a redesign is extremely necessary.

    In my humble opinion.

  7. Greg D

    I also can't stand the driver headcover as so tight to put on. I'd buy a woollen one but am not in the market to spend another £40 plus!

  8. Sterling B

    I have a hard time with mine as well. I love the way it looks when it's on but it is hard to put back on my driver. 

  9. Tony C

    For both 913 and 910 clubs that I own, I have found it difficult to pull the headcover over the club. I haven't experienced much stretching in either headcover even after 200 or so rounds. I have found it so difficult in fact that I put on a sock like headcover instead.  Hopefully Titleist will take this as constructive criticism as headcovers are a big point in branding and I feel terrible not advertising for the best brand in golf by switching headcovers.

    Tony C

  10. Allen L

    Yes.  I can't be bothered during a game cause they are so tight.  I just take them off at the course and leave them in the car.  They are some great looking covers but just too tight.

  11. AJAR


    I would imagine the pom pom covers (shown in the Accessories Catalog) would be of some assistance to you.

  12. James S

    I find the driver cover too much of a pain to get back on to use it during a round.  I pull it off at the first tee and it goes back on after the round.  I've got a few dings in the crown from pulling irons without enough care, but I am getting better about that.  I see no reason for the knit neck to be nearly so snug though.

  13. Norris

    Tony; I also have both the 910 & 913. I've never had any problem with the 910 head cover, but the 913 is a different story. There's no problem getting the 913 off the club head, but it is very hard to put back on.The sock part is very tight to put on, and once it is fully on, the club head doesn't fit very well.

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