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714 AP2 or 714 C

Patrick K

I am looking to get a new set of Titleist irons when they are released in November. The only problem is I can't decide which irons to get: the ap2's or the cb's. I have hit both of the 712 versions of the clubs but I still could not come to a consensus. I liked that the cb's felt lighter and for some reason I hit the cb's surprisingly better than the ap2's. But on the other hand, the guy who fitted me says I should go with the ap2's (he uses them as well). I still need a lot of improvement in my iron shots and I am looking for the club that will help me the most . If it helps, my index is about a 15. In the end, I loved the feel, look, and workability of the cb's much more than the ap2's. Which club should I go with?

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  1. Don O

    If it helps any, Stricker and Duffner use AP2s. 

    You said you need improvement with your irons.  If you hit enough shots off center, especially when you are not hitting from a flat spot on a range, can you hit the CB as well as the AP2?  If you put enough shots into a side bunker instead of on the green, then you may need the forgiveness.  If you have time to work on your faults, if not a consistent ball striker now, then you might over time.grow to love the CBs.

    Did the fitter exert more of a personal preference (which may be influenced by a hundred previous amateur golfers) or did the monitoring actually show a tighter landing pattern with the AP2?  If your fitter has experience and has seen you outside, then that opinion should be important to you.  The game is hard enough without clubs that may add a couple shots a round or more by launching too far off center.

    All else equal, buy the CBs as you have a fondness for them.

  2. Matt B

    The ap2 irons would be more forgiving, if you like the lite weight that you felt with the cb's you could ask to demo the ap2 with lite weight shafts like the Project X Pxi  5.5 or PX 95 flighted in the AP2's. The  PXI is 12g liter than the standard PX . You should try all the shafts available in the titleist fitting cart to see what fits you the best!


  3. Ryan S

    Do yourself a favor and go with the more forgiving irons such as the AP1 or AP2.  You need work on your irons and you are a 15 handicap. 

  4. Jackson L

    The AP2's are improvement irons and you had said that you need improvement in the irons so I recommend the AP2's over the cb's based on you saying you need more improvement and your handicap

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