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910h shaft to 913h

Lester L

Hello, I am getting a 910h shaft for my 913. Since I know it won't for the new 913.

Can I just buy a sleeve and adapter and have them (golf shop) replace it and install the new 913h sleeve. Take out the old 910h sleeve/adapter.

If they do that, will the standard length be the same? For example 40.5" in the 910, will it also be 40.5" in length with the new 913 sleeve/adapter?


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  1. Chris92009

    Lester, I am in the same scenario but I chose to purchase a shaft with the correct adaptor...once in a while I like to revisit my 910H clubs...

  2. 19hole

    Sorry, but the hosel adapters are not something that Titleist makes available. You can send the shaft back to them through your local Titleist dealer and they will refit the new hosel adapter for you.

  3. Lester L

    Chris, I think I might do that as well.

    The deal for the shaft didn't go as planned. So might just have to place an order at my local shop for a new shaft w/ 913H adapter and sleeve.

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