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714 AP2/AP1 Combo

Ross D


If I wanted to order a combo set of AP1 5 - 7 iron and AP2 8 - PW, would you advise that I get the AP2 2 degrees stronger to match the loft of the AP1s, or will bending two degrees have too big of an impact on the bounce of the club?  If got the AP2 1 degree strong, this would leave a 5* gap between the 6 and 7 irons.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dennis S

    Hi Ross D, I currently play that same combo AP1 5-7 and AP2 8-PW. When I ordered them, I got the AP2's bent 2* stronger and love them. The gaps fill perfectly and have had little to no effect on bounce as far as I can tell.

  2. CW

    I have placed an order last week after doing a fitting for the combination you reference above. I got mine bent 2 degrees strong to match tha AP1 lofts to attempt to achieve consistent gapping. Since there is a fair amount of bounce already on the 8 iron - PW, the reduction in bounce shouldn't be noticeable (for every degree of loft there is a corresponding change in bounce) - I verified, as I was concerend about the same issue.

  3. Ross D

    Thanks CW.  

    The fitter recommended adjusting the AP2s 2 degrees?  Have they had experience ordering sets using this configuration in the past?

    Also, just curious...what shafts did you order with your set?


  4. CW

    Yes, I ordered my AP2s 2 degrees strong to match AP1 lofts. I am putting the Nippon NS Pro 950 shaft in my irons. I was fit to that shaft a few years ago by Titleist and have stuck with it - I tried the stock option on the AP1 (True Temper XP 95), but it didn't feel as good as the NS Pro 950 to me. I really like the Nippon shaft and it is a very popular shaft offering.

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