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714 ap2 SW

james y

What SW can you get with the 714s ap2 with KBS s+?  Can they be made D3?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi James,  The KBS shafts build 2 swingweights lighter than standard.  We can probably get to D2.  If you use a lighter weight grip such as a Multicompound, we can get to a D3.  Your pro shop would have to make that request at the time of ordering.

  2. james y

    Will the BCT cord grip get me to d3?

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi James,  No - the BCT Cord weighs about 50 grams - the same as our stock grip.  A standard New Decade  (not the whiteout) will add just about  one swingweight.

  4. Ken

    Cathi, while we're on the swingweight topic, I was looking at ordering the new 714 AP2's with the Project X PXi 6.0 shafts and Lamkin 3GEN REL grips (+ an extra wrap of tape). Would it be possible to keep the standard swingweight of D2 with this combination?

  5. Mark F

    This question is for Cathi.  If I understood James' original question right, he's looking for an AP2 sand wedge.  I just looked at the clubs on the sight and there is no mention of a SW ( only a 50* GW).  No one has mentioned anything about Vokey wedges.  So, are all of your swing weight answers based on Vokeys or is there a way of getting a sand wedge made in the set configuration?  If we can get a SW in the sets, can we get one for the AP1s as well? Thanks.

    Mark F

  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Ken,

    Yes, we can build that combination with a D2 swingweight.  Just have your pro specify swingweight when placing your order.

  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Mark,

    I believe James was looking to achieve a heavier swingweight (SW)  with the KBS shafts in his AP2 heads since the KBS build lighter than standard. 
    We don't carry sand wedges for any iron set, just the gap wedges that you noted.  With Mr. Vokey as our wedge designer, we have the best wedges available and Vokeys can be customized with the same shaft as in the irons to give it similar feel.  The swingweights for our Vokeys are a little heavier - the 46 through 52 will swingweight at D3 and the 54-64 will swingweight at D5.  If you change, length, shaft or grip, that does change the swingweight, though.
  8. Mark F

    Hi Cathi,

    Thanks for the clarification.  Duh, SW=swing weight not sand wedge.  I have 5 Vokeys already and know that they are the best.

    Thanks again,

    Mark F

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