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Possible to buy half set?

Chris L

I'm curious, can one order a half set, say even clubs only (4, 6, 8, P), through a local retailer?

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  1. Don O

    Sure.  I bought 5-P, as a fitted set, but driver, fairway, hybrids, and wedges have all been one at a time.  Only 1 wedge has been off the rack.  Many of the custom irons will be something like 4-5-6 AP2/CB, 7-8-9 CB/MB, and 3-4 Vokeys.  Have it your way.

  2. 19hole

    You certainly can, but it will depend on the retailer. Most of the big box stores will only carry full sets. Your best bet is to go to a local PGA Professional and have him order the clubs you want. They tend to be a lot more flexible than the larger retail outlets.

  3. Jannik G

    Hey Chris, from what i now, you can mix and match as much as you like, you just have to buy at least 5 irons :)

  4. Tim Tiger

    My next set order will be 5-PW AP2 714's.

    Will probably order them later this week.


  5. Greg J

    Sure you can. You can also get the half set personally fit to you at an authorized Titleist fitting location at no extra charge.   

  6. Chris L

    Thanks both for the answer!  I have a full set of cavity backs right now but I really want to put together a Sunday bag of blades and I'm thinking 3 wood, 4/6/8/P irons, and then my Vokey gap and sand wedges...and a putter of course.  Seems like those 8 clubs in a Sunday bag will get me around my  normal courses pretty well.  Will probably put all clubs but the irons on double duty in both bags, but I like playing blades just for fun so thinking this could be a good setup.  

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