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Debating the Switch to Titleist Irons

Jay S

Now that the golf season is pretty much over here in upstate NY I have been tossing the idea around of getting into a new set of irons for next year.  I have read countless hours of forums and reviews and decided I would toss the question out here.

Here's my situation.  I know that a proper fitting is really the only way to purchase a set of irons but I live probably 6 hours away from the closest Titleist Advanced Fitting center and that's probably out of the realm of possibilities for me. I'm really looking for some advice and hopefully some past experience with the situation that I'm in.

Right now I'm playing around an 8 handicap. Playing miz MP-57's 3-PW with DG S300 shafts that were bought "off the rack" with no fitting 4 years ago.  To be honest I've never been fitted for a single golf club that I've ever bought.  When I bought the clubs I was playing to a 12 to 14 handicap but in my opinion I don't believe that the irons made me better.  My struggle up until the last year or two has been my short game especially putting which I have seemed to figure out and started lowering my scores.

I've always played Titleist drivers (the latest is the 910D2 9.5* w/ 'ahina 72 shaft) and wedges (56* and 60* vokeys) and I thought I would look into the new 714 series that will be coming out in the next month or so. 

I'm looking for a slightly more forgiving iron than my current set and something that would fall between a blade (player's iron) and a full cavity back (ultra game improvement iron).  This has drawn my attention to the new AP1 and AP2 series irons.  Most of my misses tend to be "thin" shots (especially in tight lies) and the occassional miss out on the toe of the club.  I'm looking for an iron that with those misses I won't lose as much distance as I currently am with the miz's.

Which set would best benefit my game knowing the information that I have provided the AP1 or the AP2? Like I initially said a fitting is really the way to go here but I just don't know if I can swing it.  Does anyone have any experience going to Titleist irons from miz's?  Am I way off with thinking that I can play the AP2 and keep my handicap from going up?  Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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  1. Norris

    Just a thought Jay; Since you have plenty of time over the winter, maybe you could make an appointment with the fitter you mentioned, and take a mini overnight get away with your wife, (assuming that you're married) take in the sights, have a nice dinner on the town, and the next day get a fitting for those Titleist irons. You could get the right irons for you, and get points with the wife. You could pay for the clubs while you're there, and have the fitter ship them to your home, so you wouldn't have to make the trip back when the clubs come in.

  2. bigearnucsd

    Not an expert with miz irons but I think mp57s are probably similar to 714 CBs. But you mentioned you want something little forgiving, I'd say go with AP2s. I know that the number doesnt mean much since it's all about swing style but im thinking we're probably on a pretty similar level. Ive been playing 12-14 handi for past few years and now im at 8.9. I recently got fitted and went with ap2s. Ap1s seemed little on the chunky side, cbs and mbs were nice when my swing was on but not sure why I would give up the forgiveness of ap2. Unless you have a strong conviction on going with cbs or mbs, you should go with ap2s. Try to get fitted's a big investment... at least for me. It was pretty cool to see how different shafts and different specs had such a different outcome of my shots. Worse comes to worse, isnt there those big golf stores that does fitting?
  3. Todd T

    I'd say get fitter, but you can't go wrong with Titleist... After all, this is a a titleist site

  4. Chris92009

    The AP2's sound like a great fit however you should consider no matter how much or how far the proper fitting is away to have it can only help you enjoy the game of golf with your new sticks even more!  JAT

  5. Mike C

    I am guessing everyone on this site will recommend you switch to Titleist!

    I would certainly make an effort to get a proper fitting for your new irons.  Once you do this, you can really see how the different shafts and club adjustments can impact your ball flight.  If you have never done this before, I think you will be shocked how a few little tweaks to the club can result in much improved shot making.  A couple of extra hours now for a fitting (plus it sounds like several hours traveling to get there) will pay dividends in the end.  On top of that, it is enjoyable and really gives you an opportunity to evalulate your shots once you can see the results on the computer screen.

    Personally, I play with the AP2s and have done so for a number of years.  Moving over to these irons was one of the best things I did for my game.  They are a great combination of feel and forgiveness.  The new 714's are already ordered and can't wait to get them in the bag.  As far as which clubs to go with, I would keep an open mind, tell the fitter what you are looking for and see what he or she recommends for your game.

  6. scott a

    I'm a former mizzy guy. Played the 58's. Your 57’s seemed to be a little more thick and offset. I went to buy ap 2's (when I got fit! but won't nag you:) ). I ended with 1's along with my 4 Vokeys. I can work them and loved the forgiveness. Just felt better in my hands. Get to a Golf Galaxy or something just so you can feel them. But in the end, the over weight is different (much better for me), turf interaction was better and getting away with a few during a round is always nice……looking forward to hitting the 714 ap2’s to see if they can chase out my 1s.  

  7. David T


    I'm a CB player, had the fitting, and actually learned why I toe and thin shots as well. Whatever brand, do the fitting!

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