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695CB Irons

David W

I purchased a set of used 695CB irons last year. Was wondering why the "695" on my the club heads are BLACK, almost all of the clubs I"ve seen the "695" is painted RED

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  1. Ken W

    I've also owned a set of 695s and have seen or worked on many sets. I've never seen black paintfill like that. The first step I would take would be to call Titleist customer service with the serial number from the set. If it was a custom set, the number will be on all the irons. A stock set will only have the number on the 6 iron. This will give you the original specs and maybe solve the issue. However, Titleist does issue clubs in international markets with slight variations. It also would be a simple job for the previous owner to redo the paint with black if he doesn't like red. Good luck.

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