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AP2 Iron Set Question

andy r

Hello all I was wondering if it;s possible to get a 1/2 set of irons made, basically 6 iron - PW.  I use hybrids and those are only a year old so I only really only need 5 irons or if a SW gets included.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Brandon C

    Hey Andy,

    All of the sets that are sold off the shelf usually are a set 4-GW but you can order individual clubs. You would have to place an order for the different clubs your looking for. I think I had to wait roughly 2-3 weeks for my 3 iron AP1 to come in. Hope this helps.

  2. Don O

    You can get just 6-9 if you want and Vokey's for all your wedges.  Most pro shops will special order as many or few as you want.  Some of the larger retailers may split off the 4I or a GW from an in stock set but require at least 6 in a set

  3. andy r

    Thank you for your help Brandon .

  4. andy r

    Thanks Don , I am going for a fitting next week, and will order what I need at the Pro shop. Good information , thanks again.

  5. Jim E

    I did. You can order them how ever you want them. I even considered mixing the order between AP1's and AP 2's. And I love my newTitleist! I had them 3 weeks and shot my best round ever yesterday afternoon. But im adding 2 hybrids in the top of the bag. Good luck!

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