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910 D2

Anthony P

While in Scotland 4 weeks ago the clubs that I rented were Titliest 910D2 driver and ap1 irons.

   I liked the driver and purchased a new 910 d2.  It seems to me the driver I used in Scotland sat flatter and seemed to have a lower profile that the one I just purchased.  I've also seen other 910d2's since back in the States and they all are like the one I just bought here.

   Is it possible the driver I rented in Scotland was a different model than the driver a person in the U.S. can buy here?

  I would have asked if there is a "tp" model, but someone else on this site already did, and was told there isn't a tp model.

  It seemed from what I remember the black paint on the bottom of the driver was not shiny like the paint on the ones I've seen back here in the U.S.  The black paint was kind of grainy and with a pebble kind of finish, somewhat like I've seen a bunch of years ago on other titliest drivers.

  So, it just seems like the driver I now have doesn't sweep back so low "naturally" like the one I had rented.  this head seems to have a bigger face from bottom to top, kind of like my R7 did.

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  1. Jake P

    The one you used in scottland might have been the 910d3 which has a smaller head.

  2. Sam S

    Hey Anthony,

    There are two possibilities that I can think of for this.

    1. Titleist drivers can be adjusted to 0.75 degrees flat and as much as 1.5 degrees upright.  

    2. You might have used the 913 driver, which does not have a shiny, silver bottom; it's all black.

    If you ask me, you were playing the 913 D3 driver.

    Hope my words of wisdom did not come too late.


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