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time to upgrade????

Steve M

I've been playing my Titleist 981s for the past 12 years (albeit with a few years of low play).  I still hit them pretty well and carry an  index of 12.1.  I believe that my 981s have the R300 shaft.


I'm starting to give serious consideration of replacing them.  I've hit several different irons (712 AP1, Miz 825, Cobra Amp Cell and TM Rocketbladz) and seem to hit them further, although I do realize that much is due to the change of loft in the newer irons.  The newer 7 iron has the loft of my current 6 iron.  The Titleist irons seem to have held truer in the lofts and as such they are shorter in comparison.


I'm waiting for the 714s to arrive and hope that I can try some at a Regional Center.

What should be the basic differences with the new 714s vs. my 981s?  Also, should I consider both the AP1 and AP2 or some combo?




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