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TVD Wedges......Put them in the bag or over the fireplace?

Thom G

 Three weeks ago I ordered a couple of TVD M wedges (52,56) from Titleist through my pro shop in the Black Oxide finish. I didn't go the full custom route due to their simplistic and elegant look on the website. Five days later I got the call that they were in and on my arrival to the pro shop I found that the staff had opened the box and were ogling these genuine pieces of artwork like kids with a new bike. Needless to say, I was so impressed with my purchase that I immediately ordered a TVD K 60 degree on the spot. This time I chose the "silver" finish and again chose to keep it simple. DEJA VU, five days later an even better looking wedge was soon out of the box and being passed around the pro shop! It's really quite amusing how some cally, png and TM staffed pros were trying to talk me into letting them hit the TVDs! I replied with, "Finders Keepers and Losers Suck!'

 On the course these wedges have performed beyond all of my expectations, with TVD K 60 (bent to 62) being at the top of the heap. It's feel is silky smooth and coupled with ProV's, bites like a Great White Shark on energy drinks!!!! Quite a few of my buddies had no idea that Titleist had the TVDs or even where to them.........but now they do!

 It's rather comical that the non-Titleist staffed pro shop fellas get to be inundated with WedgeWorks boxes for the near future. You'd do yourself a big favor by seriously checking out the line of TVD wedges.......they're well worth the additional $25 price.



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  1. stuart c

    I had a TVD 60 this year and loved it but it needs to be replaced so I am about to order a new 60.  How do you compare the K to the M? 

  2. Mike C

    I moved over to the TVD-M wedges when they were first available from Wedgeworks and love them.  I had a similar experience in my pro shop when they came in.  The pro's in the shop had never seen anything like them and seemed to be excited as I was!  How cool is it that we can have all of the different stamping and pain fill options straight from Vokey.  I often get comments on the golf course like "I've never seen anything like that" or "how did you get that wedge" and I point them all to the Vokey Wedgeworks.

    After having these wedges in my bag for a while now, the TVD-M 60 degree wedge has to be my favorite club.  Often times, people look at me like I am crazy when I say my 60 degree wedge is my favorite club, but it's ability to make so many different shots it what makes it so great.  Open the face, close the face, flop it, run it, you name it, this wedge can do it all.  The original club has been replaced with the SM4 version when the grooves were worn down but it still remains my favorite for sure.

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