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Swingweight for 714CB/MB Steelfiber

Matthew S Club Champion Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Cathi or Cameron,

What is the heaviest swingweight the new 714CB/MB's can be made with Steelfiber 110CW's at 1/2" under and stock grips.

Also what is the best way to order a set of CB/MB to get the heaviest heads possible (Shaft doesn't matter)


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Matthew,  Using MB or CB heads at 1/2" under with i110 shafts and a standard grip, the swingweight would be C8.  

    At 1/2" short, with DYG shafts, we are looking at a D0 swingweight.  The other option is to use a light weight grip to increase the swingweight.

    In either case, you would have to specify that swingweight when the order is placed.

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