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Left Handed AP2 Demo-South Suburbs of Chicago?

Brian K


I have been around to a few golf shops over the past few days in the South Suburbs of Chicago and I am not having any luck in finding a Left Handed AP2 demo. Each store (2-GG's and White Mountain) had all the RH versions but no LH.  The reps at each store were not sure when/if they would be getting LH models. Any insight on when these stores will be getting their LH heads would be greatly appreciated.  I hit the 6-iron miz MP-54(very nice) and the 6-iron 712-AP2  this afternoon, but I would like to hit the 714-AP2 before making my decision. The 714's look incredible, but I need to hit them off the turf  while we still have grass tee's.



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  1. Greg P

    Did you try Cantigny?  A  southpaw friend of mine just got fitted through them and is thinking about the 14's.  Thought he said that's what he hit (not the '12's)  because he was raving about them.

  2. Ray O

    As a left I also run across the same issues.  Try one of the Advanced Fitting Centers.  You can find all the locations on the Titleist website.

    I see 3 locations in your area.  They normally get all the heads sooner. I live in Miami but had to visit the Corp office in Palm Beach Gardens this past Friday and got fitted at the Advanced Fitting Center at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens.  Great experince and will order my new 714 AP1's this Monday.  Hope this helps.

  3. Brian K

    Hey Greg, 

    I have not called them yet, I have heard it is a great location for a fitting.  Good to hear your buddy had a lefty fitting there. I will shoot them a call tomorrow. 


  4. Brian K


    I like how you "had" to visit the Corp. office in Palm Beach Gardens. I would love to experience a fitting at a Corp. location.

    Hope you ordered your new sticks today.

    I will check a few Advanced centers, it seems like the Titleist Bag fitters do not get their complete fitting line all at once. 

    Appreciate the help.

  5. Richard S

    Good morning Brian,

    Check in at Ultimate Golf in Willowbrook on Rt. 83 and ask for Joe K.

    Excellent selection and true "pro shop".





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