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Made the Switch

Bryan G

I have made the switch to Titleist (about time).  I picked up a Cameron Putter a few weeks back, didn't three putt once.  Just got fitted for a 913 driver and 3 wood, 56 and 60 degree volkey wedges (I believe with a 14 bounce) and fitted for the 714 ap1 irons (3 through Gap).  At the PGA superstore in Paramus NJ the gentleman was very helpful.  All the clubs felt great and saw greater distance and accuracy on the monitor than my original clubs (cally Razr X and original Fits).  Don't know why it took my so long.  Can't wait for the 714s to arrive.  

Now I wonder if I should go for a 5 wood or hybrid.  I hit a good 4 iron so I went with the 3 iron seeing as how I rarely used my 5 wood since I couldn't hit it off the turf and have never been able to hit a hybrid.  But the feel I got from getting fitted for the 3 wood has me thinking.  I am going to go with the 3 iron and see how things go.  I am looking forward to early November, hopefully the weather holds up.

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  1. steve b

    s.d.berry       bryan, i was the same way,could not hit a hybrid. i tried a titleist 913h 24 degree and was i suprised! they are fantasic! i now use two of them. as for the 5 wood,i bought a 913hd and just love it. run,don"walk, to the nearest pro shop and buy you some!!!

  2. Greg K

    Just my opinion, but after getting a really nice set of clubs, maybe the next step should be to invest in a lesson.  TBH, I thought that my set up and swing was on point, but I was surprised to find out how far back my hand were and how offline my spine was too.  So the aftermath is hitting much better shots after a few lessons. 

    I was consistantly in the upper 70s the last few weeks and after a couple of practice sessions, I shot under par for the second time in two rounds.  I never done this over the last 20 years of golf.

    So I would recommend investing in a lesson.



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